The Continuing Travels of the Proto:87 Posse

It’s been two months since we were at Chris’s house. In October we traveled out to Langley to visit Jim and see his space. It was largely a talking session, and I think he’s been convinced to bend Prince Rupert around the room to allow a little running room. He’s in the middle of renovating the main floor of his house right now, and just sawed off the ends of his fingers, and so, it will be interesting to see his progress the next time we’re out there.

This month we went to Julian’s place and mostly thumbed through his collection of books on Victorian railways and checked out his baseboards. We made a giant stack of baseboards so we could work on height visualization.

Next month we’re out to Andrew’s where he’s coming up with a plan for a small portable display. Then in February, we’re at my place again. Hopefully by then the basement’s ready to receive a layout, as I have every intention of putting these eight hands to work and getting a start on building when they’re here.

I’d better get to work! Where did I put that Tuck Tape?

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