Club Proto 87
A French club. Home to a nice module of CdF Nord, and Rue de la Glaciere.
Proto 87 Iberico
Facebook page for a Spanish group modelling the broad gauge (1668 mm).
Proto:87 on Facebook
Facebook group
Probably the biggest group of Proto:87 modelers (actually HOpur). Here are several links about them:

English-language blog on Fremo:87
A nice gallery of their layout
Lars-Christian Uhlig Gallery
Another gallery


Ed McCamey
Ed mostly just has his track plan up here
Bowen Creek
Beautiful Australian exhibition layout
Hamburg-Oberhafen – Ericus
Really cool model of Hamburg Harbour by Winfried Schmitz-Esser
My layout of Pembroke


Milepost 15
A nice model of a #10 turnout, some diesel modeling…
Valentin Funk
Some material on Fremo:87 here.
Julian Watson’s VR Days
5’3″ gauge P87! Be still my beating heart!
Erik Mosterd
A Dutch modeler taking on Fremo:87


While you can argue that Proto:87 is more than merely about wheels and track, but about a whole modeling philosophy, wheels and track are the hard bits. So, we offer the following sources for them

AMJL are making some of their new releases, such as their BB 66000, available in Proto:87
Apogée Vapeur
Sell fine kits of the golden age of steam in France, including locomotive wheels
Artisan who will and has produced Proto:87 trackwork
Club Proto 87
Club Proto 87 also offers some products
Wheel and gauge specialist for Proto:87 concentrating on the Dutch scene
Fast Tracks
Fast Tracks can supply their fixtures for Proto:87.
The hopur magazine
Lematec started offering some of their brass locomotives in Proto:87 in 2010
Micro Metakit
Can anyone confirm if this manufacturer is offering anything in Proto:87? Post to the comments, please
Proto:87 Stores
Most everything Proto:87 can be bought here
Railway Engineering
Railway Engineering will build Proto:87 turnouts to order
Has some Proto:87 wheels

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