Proto:87 Posse Progress

It’s been a few months since I posted on the progress of the Proto:87 Posse. Since that time, we have visited Jim Peters and Julian Watson and mostly talked about their plans. This month we were out to Andrew Hutchinson’s place, where we spent a little time reviewing his ideas for a small display layout. Then it was out to the shop to work on Julian’s modules.

Julian is building a P:87w63 (That’s Proto:87 5’3″ gauge) layout of Victorian Railways. He started with six modules that he built in Perth and had shipped over here, but has decided to redo the bases as he was not happy with their precision. For the mulligan, he is going with the new-fangled construction popularized in MRJ.

By golly this is a lot of work! It had better be worth it! At the end of the evening, with four of us working on gluing and nailing, we had enough bits to put together three modules, but we pulled the plug before doing more than a test-fit.

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