The Proto:87 Posse at Chris Reid’s House

This week, the Proto:87 Posse (we had to come up with a catchy name) showed up at Chris’ house. Chris has benchwork in place for half his layout and wanted some help on figuring out what to do with it. He’s new to Proto:87, but I have a feeling, judging by some of the track he’s handlaid before, that he’s going to be a big producer once he gets going.

He’s been collecting passenger equipment and has a ton of really nice cars. Sadly, like all of us, he is a wee bit tight for space, and so, we’re not going to see the Super Continental winding its way through the Rockies on his layout. We did come up with what we believe is a workable concept for terminal switching his passenger trains, though. There is also space for a tiny bit of freight switching, but the focus is going to be passenger.

We left him with a table top covered in trains and boxes, all aligned along hastily drafted full-size track center lines. By the time we were done, we were all excited about the concept, and we really hope that the radii actually work out.

His homework for next time is to get some P87 wheels under some of his passenger cars, the Rapido ones especially, and play with them on the different radii of tracks. We’re quite concerned that the working diaphragms are going to be a problem on 42″ curves.

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