Conversion Chart

You’d think by now that I had every piece of brass and plastic available. However, for whatever reason, I’ve been holding off and only buying strip brass piecemeal for all these years. This Christmas I finally broke the bank and spent the dough required to get kitted out with at least one of each of Special Shapes’ and KMS’ strips. I’ve got a new way to organize these sorts of things, which involves some recycled cardboard and a Famous Grouse box, and so, I spent a little time putting the strips away.

Along the way, I wound up making another conversion chart for fractions to decimals. I used to have one of these hanging over the workbench, but it’s gone now. They’re a very handy device, and cheap too. So, if you have a printer, you’re welcome to grab this one and hang it over your workbench too. I hope it helps you get faster. I created it on Google docs for easy sharing

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