Caboose steps

I hemmed and hawed for a while before finally getting down to making the steps. My initial thought was I would etch the steps as one of my origami etchings. Then, when the etchings didn’t work out, I figured it might be easiest to bend the two stringers from a single length of brass strip.

Finally, I settled on a more typical approach. After bending up the stringers on a simple jig, I placed them in two holes the correct distance apart. I soldered the top step on first flat against the block into which the two holes had been drilled. Then, I put the other ends of the stringers in the block and soldered the bottom step on, soldering them perpendicular to the block.

After all that pondering, it turned out to be a good deal easier to solder the steps up precisely. They wound up taking only about a few minutes each, and so, I made an extra.

To install, I had the most success when I blu-tacked a spacer strip to the side sill, and then held the steps against the spacer. The stringers are glued to the back of the sills, and I’m still pondering whether I should reinforce them with some sort of pinning.

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