Site renewal

Well, this site went quiet for a while, didn’t it?  I moved most of my modelling thoughts over to, for reasons that I don’t quite recall.  Probably it was because managing the Drupal site was more work than I wanted to continue to do.  It wasn’t that it was particularly hard; it’s just that managing a website is not how I want to spend my hobby time.  Wordpress, especially where someone else worries about the running and securing of the site, is a much better solution for me.

So, I’ve now moved most of the old content to this new WordPress site.  I think I will continue to blog about the layout over on Pembroke87, but cover Proto:87-specific content here.  Expect a lower update frequency, but hopefully not as slow as it’s been for the past four years!

I’m happy to make your acquaintance if you’re modelling in Proto:87.  So, please do drop me a line!

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