Roof Details

Despite how it might seem if you follow this blog, there is still modeling going on in my basement. Here are all the bits that belong on the roof. Everything is scratchbuilt because, well, I’d rather spend my time doing that than pouring through catalogues looking for parts that probably won’t fit properly anyway.

The five lamp jacks were created with pins soldered into tubes, and pieces of sheet soldered to the outside of the tube, then turned down to size in my drill. A similar process made the toilet vents (I considered using a nail, but I couldn’t find two that matched).

The Baker heater stacks are made from a piece of 1/8″ rod turned in the drill for the base, then soldered to the stack itself, with the cap bent from sheet and soldered on. It’s interesting to note that the Baker heater stacks are oriented with their hoods lengthwise to the train on my car, while I would have installed them cross-wise so air doesn’t blow down the flue and into the car.

Everything except the Baker heater expansion tanks comes off for painting so I can get some nice crisp colour separations between what will likely be subtly different shades of black.

pesky baker heater

I’m still not sure I’ve got the right shape for the Baker heater expansion tanks. They started out as Scupley shaped on the model, baked and sanded off the model, and then glued in place and further sanded. Then I looked at some other tanks and decided I needed to make it squarer, and so I corrected the shape with Squadron White putty. Then I went back and looked at the photos of my car, and I don’t think it should be quite so big. Sigh. I don’t think I’ll correct it.

The top up funnel and cock is a little jewel: three pieces of brass that could just about fit on the head of a pin. They turned out nicely, even if I say so myself.

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