Eholt BC

I built these three buildings for my friend Scott’s layout, which is based on the CPR Boundary Sub in southern BC. Eholt was the junction with the Phoenix branch, and we’re modeling it still active in 1962 – the branch is rising in the background in this view.

Scott took this great photo, which mirrors a prototype photo I worked from.

The loneliness of the location seems to me to come through beautifully in this shot. There is a space here that is so often missing in model railroads, and that space, like silence in music, is every bit as important as the models themselves.

All three models were scratchbuilt in styrene with predominantly Grandt Line and Tichy windows. I built the bulk of the station at a clinic at Trains 2008. The tool shed and section house were constructed at Houten this March. The section house is covered in Insulbrick, a rolled tar paper product similar to shingles, but printed to look like brick.

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