Truck sideframes under development

Here are the truck sideframes. The Canada Atlantic used these swing motion trucks much later than other railroads. Because I am modelling in Proto:87, and most trucks would want modification anyway, I’m etching them.

Each sideframe starts as a single piece of metal, which I bend 18 times then solder together. They are self-jigged to come out reasonably accurately. Unfortunately, I changed the design ever so slightly – by making the bottom chord full-thickness instead of half – and now the design doesn’t work so well anymore. Three sideframes turned out okay, but the fourth was a disaster; so I am running another eight to the original pattern now.

When I go to redo the design again, I’m going to make it so the upper diamond is connected at both ends since this is the hardest part to pull off. I think I’ll also give the slot into which that tab fits a little more space so it has a chance to etch through. If I could figure out a better approach for the two fingers that line up with the bolster, I would, as well.

Incidentally, my company just launched a new family social networking site, It’s got nothing to do with trains, but maybe you’d like to check it out anyway.

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