The next project

I’m waiting for the weather to fine up so I can store stuff outside while I renovate the layout room. In the meantime, I’m tackling the Canada Atlantic’s standard caboose. Well at least I think it was standard: #2 and #4 looked the same, and I’ve not seen any photos of #3 or any of the others.

I started the drawing last night. It appears from scaling against the wheel that this was a 33′ vehicle, which sounds plausible. Doing a drawing is easy when you have a square view like this, although there is a possibility it’s foreshortened by the camera angle, so I might make the body a little taller.

One interesting feature is the repair in the side with a different type of siding. It looks like they replaced the original wide boards with the later beaded siding that we also see on the 6000 series boxcars.

General plans are to make the body out of styrene, use the same etched truck construction as on the locomotive, and etch the windows and perhaps the cupola, and end railings. The end railings are not particularly complicated, but I could make them very robust by etching them.

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