Caboose windows

I always find that casting and etching are a little bit like Christmas: I can never wait to try out the new part that I have produced so magically. Here, I’ve soldered together the two halves of the main windows. They are an unusual design, having a two-pane upper sash and four panes below.

The etching took forever. I guess the etchant has been sitting in my shed for about four winters, and that is probably too long to sit in a shed. So, it worked very very slowly, but eventually it worked. My technique leaves a little to be desired, and I can never count on anything that is supposed to be half-etched. I got lucky with the doors (I’ll show them another day), but less lucky with the steps, which dropped a couple of parts into the bottom of the etchant. Anyway, it is still a magical process, and I couldn’t create windows as consistent as these with styrene, so I guess I’m pretty happy.

I was sorely tempted to fold and solder up the truck sideframes as well, but I think I can leave them until tomorrow.

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