The Proto:87 Journal

Number 5

January, 1997

The Publication of the Proto:87 Special Interest Group

Edited by René Gourley

All articles are the copyright of their original authors

SIG Coordinator, René Gourley describes recent correspondence with the Scalefour Society, as well as the current status of the NMRA Recommended Practice. Not willing to wait until the RP is accepted, he then goes on to map the future direction of his own modelling efforts in Proto:87.
Time to do Our Homework
Roger Miener argues that we should study and validate the Model Railway Study Group's recommendations before pressing ahead with the NMRA Recommended Practice, and certainly before making any proposal to ammend Proto:87.
Versines and Curvature
With a chart for calculating versines, Malcolm Cross indicates the amount of gauge-widening required for equipment to operate around various curves.
On Tolerance
An original member of the Model Railway Study Group, Malcolm Cross points out the necessity for accepted standard dimensions, accompanied by sufficient tolerance to allow economical manufacture of components.
Canadian track for the Turn of the Century
René Gourley gets down to detailed track modelling. The article describes how plastic spikes are formed in place, next to rails glued to wooden ties.
Equalizing Truck from Red Caboose
Roger Miener examines and describes in detail the Bettendorf T-section truck from Red Caboose. He then proceeds to offer suggestions for conversion to Proto:87.
Proto:87 Wheels for a Bachmann GP 40
Anxious to have an operable locomotive, Keith Norgrove details the steps he took to rewheel an old diesel model.
The Proto:87 Wheel Profile
Joe Brook Smith, an original member of the Model Railway Study Group, describes the form and function of the Proto:87 wheel profile.
Hopur Conversion of Roco 100
Peter Thomin reports on the Roco-V 100 conversion kit, and his experiences with running the HOpur engine under a variety of conditions.
Proto:87 Stores
A list of items currently available from our volunteer store-keeper, Andy Reichert.